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A removable insulation blanket is a cover made from multiple layers of thermal insulation materials that is fastened onto valves, exhaust manifolds, and other mechanical items that need repeat access in order to maximize its efficiency, regulate its temperature, and improve workplace safety. MIT is a division within Distribution International that specializes in design, specification, and manufacturing of removable/reusable insulation systems. DI ranks among the largest and most experienced U.S. manufacturers of specialty reusable insulation products. Our technicians use thermal analysis to design removable insulation covers that fit each component separately. The reusable design allows for quick repairs without dismantling or destroying other components, cutting maintenance costs over the life of the insulation system. Our MIT team of in-house designers create customized solutions for your project needs.


  • MIT designs and fabricates removable insulation blankets for various applications:
    • Dura-temp Blankets are removable are designed for high-temperature applications like exhaust manifolds.
    • Heat Holder Blankets are removable blankets for lower temperature applications such as instrumentation, water piping, heat retention, personnel protection, etc. Proves to be an economical choice for applications that need to be insulated but easily accessible for maintenance. Used to prevent subfreezing temperatures from affecting an indoor or outdoor component or pipe. Freeze damage can be costly and time consuming to repair, as often the only solution is to let the component thaw.
    • UL1709 Blankets are designed for fire protection of critical instrumentation.
    • High Temperature Acoustical HTA  are used to quiet noisy components that are disruptive or dangerous based on OSHA decibel exposure guidance.