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We offer our incredible “DI 101” webinar series to our customers, associates, and manufacturing partners. By partnering with our manufacturers and industry experts, we will deliver informative presentations about industry trends, new technology, new products, and product applications. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about the latest developments and opportunities in our industry from insulation experts.



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Rigid Foam, Adhesive Products, and Applications

Rigid Foam, Adhesive Products, and Applications

Our manufacturing partners at DUNA USA give a detailed presentation about PIR vs PUR and the differences in basic chemistry and densities. They discuss uses for PIR, PUR, and adhesives.

Water Resistance in Industrial Insulation - Presented by Owens Corning

The performance and longevity of industrial plants can be jeopardized by the presence of water in their system. Insulation type, performance and installation play a critical role in minimizing the presence of water.

Solving Industrial Insulation's Toughest Challenges with Pyrogel & Cryogel

Experts from Aspen Aerogels discuss examples of how Cryogel and Pyrogel have been used to de-risk schedules and solve some of industrial insulation’s toughest challenges. The webinar will be of interest to engineers and contractors working in the hydrocarbon processing industries.

Metric Pipe Insulation - Presented by Owens Corning

This webinar will teach the different sizing and making of Owens Corning’s material list—saddles, PVC covers, jacketing etc. You will learn about Owens Corning’s metric pipe insulation offerings; and when to use standard or metric insulation.

Cellular Glass Insulation Systems for CUI Mitigation

Our partners at Owens Corning FOAMGLAS discuss Cellular Glass insulation systems for CUI mitigation. The presence of moisture is necessary for corrosion under insulation (CUI) to occur. Two ways that can help to mitigate CUI are: keep water out of the system or give water a way out of the system. This webinar will describe the risk factors for CUI and two FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation systems designed to help address the control of moisture – the FOAMGLAS® Sealed System and the FOAMGLAS® Spacer System.

Application of Fire Rated Blankets

Distribution International is excited to welcome out partners at Thermal Ceramics, a business of Morgan Advanced Materials for this presentation. The webinar will discuss the use of Fire-Rated Blankets on ductwork for two applications. Grease Laden Vapor Extraction ducts and the use of fire-rated blankets for zero clearance to combustibles and shaft alternatives.

A Practical Guide to Sound Control Insulation

Our partners at Owens Corning are presenting a guide for acoustical insulation and sound control.

A Two-Pronged Approach to Mitigating CUI

We welcome strategic manufacturing partner Johns Manville to deliver an informative presentation about mitigating corrosion under insulation.

Systematic Approach to Asset Integrity

Distribution International is proud to welcome our strategic manufacturing partner Integrity Products for this webinar presentation.